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This kawaii sticker flakes sack from San-X Japan contains 50 pieces of very cute Tonkatsu stickers in 10 designs. Tonkatsu is Pork Cutlet. Tonkatsu is an accident. He is 1% meat and 99% ambition. He is greasy and oily... 

Size: 102mm x 96 mm 
From San-X 2013, Japan

Sumikkogurashi is a new character and touches upon how shy Japanese people can be. It's a little negative and points out that Japanese people like to hide in corners since they are usually extremely shy... Sitting in the corner of a cafe or on the train makes them feel relaxed. So all of our new character friends all have some issue in their personality which makes them like hiding in the corner. 

Pork Cutlet1

Tonkatsu is an accident. He is 1% meat and 99% ambition. He is greasy and oily... 
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